Tips for Building Healthy Relationship

Tips For Building Healthy Relationships

Life is composed of different types of relationships. Every relationship has its own value in life, and you can’t compare two relationships with each other. Some relationships meet a sad and destructive end while some relationships prosper with time and stay for a lifetime. People with healthy and lifelong ...

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wrinkles and fine lines

Face Yoga: 8 Quick Tips to Banish Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Every woman on this Earth is born beautiful, but the problem is proper realization. They are no less than ‘Miss Universe’, but all they need to do is focus on tightening face skin and ditching those teddy bear cheeks. An infant with chubby cheeks may look cute, but the ...

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Red Wine - Anti-oxidant Foods for your Skin

5 Best Anti-Oxidant Foods for Your Skin

We are what we eat and the healthier we eat the fitter we get. A good diet not only contributes significantly to our overall health and well being but can also drastically improve the condition of our skin and hair. The key to achieving a smooth, supple, glowing skin ...

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Sleeping Positions Affect Your Skin

How Do Sleeping Positions Affect Your Skin

It’s the end of another long day. After juggling your myriad duties and commitments, you look forward to winding down and getting some blissful, restful sleep. But here is something most people do not know: the second most rampant cause of wrinkles after UV exposure is sleeping or more ...

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Skincare Essentials: The beach holiday

Beach holidays give us some of the everlasting memories. They are the Best-Escape-Anyone-Can-Have, literally! All of us, who prefer a beach over a mountain, know that while it’s super fun to relax on the shore, the combination of sun + sand + salty water can play havoc on the ...

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How to fight adult acnes?

Acne should not be associated with teenage only. A breakout can occur right in your middle age, when you assume the hormones inside your body have settled. Studies have shown that 35% woman deal with acne in their 30’s, 26% in their 40’s and 15% in 50+ age group. ...

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7 secrets to a Healthy and Radiating skin

Who doesn’t want a glowing and radiating skin? Well, it’s a no brainer. Isn’t it? But, it is not easy to get a glowing and radiating skin once you are past your 20’s. We admire (read :envy) women who have a radiating skin even in their middle age. We ...

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10 Fitness Apps to Keep You Fit

These days the mobile phone has become our constant companion. The smartphone can not only keep you connected to the world, but it can also make you fitter and healthier. There are a number of fitness apps available that can help you achieve your fitness targets, be it weight ...

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Fitness Band final

Fitness Bands: Friend or Fad?

Millions of people like you and me make resolutions every year to lead healthier lives and achieve a fitter body. But given our sedentary lifestyles, it is almost next to impossible to make lasting changes to our bodies, without spending thousands on gym memberships or spending hours obsessing over ...

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