Ditch Stress For Healthy Skin

Ditch Stress for Healthy Skin

You must keep your stress level under control because stress can cause lots of health problems. It affects every part of the body, including the largest organ of the body: skin. It can result into early skin problems and loads of breakouts. When an individual is stressed out, he ...

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5 ways to make your skin flawless

5 Ways to Make Your Skin Flawless With Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is the newest trend people falling for; believe me, it’s worth it. Hot yoga can make your skin glow like never before. Its results become evident in no time. Yoga is absolutely a boon, but the aura in which you are performing it can be troublesome sometimes. ...

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Fine Line and Anti Wrinkle Cream

What Do your Lines and Wrinkles Tell About you?

The lines on your forehead not only predict your future but could also indicate potential health concerns. If eyes are the windows to the soul then your face is a clear glimpse into your body’s health condition. Not surprisingly, the signs of stress, poor nutrition and fatigue start to ...

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Sleeping Positions Affect Your Skin

How Do Sleeping Positions Affect Your Skin

It’s the end of another long day. After juggling your myriad duties and commitments, you look forward to winding down and getting some blissful, restful sleep. But here is something most people do not know: the second most rampant cause of wrinkles after UV exposure is sleeping or more ...

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6 things that I did for my skin to thank me in the 30s

My friends bought me a bottle of supplements as a gag gift for my birthday. That got me thinking of all the changes my body and skin would be going through in this decade, my 30s. Seeing everyone around me juggle work, home, children and myriad other pressures made ...

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7 secrets to a Healthy and Radiating skin

Who doesn’t want a glowing and radiating skin? Well, it’s a no brainer. Isn’t it? But, it is not easy to get a glowing and radiating skin once you are past your 20’s. We admire (read :envy) women who have a radiating skin even in their middle age. We ...

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