5 Ways to keep your skin glowing @ 35000 ft.

June 16, 2017 |  Beauty tips, Beauty Eternal, Wellness

5 Ways to keep your skin glowing @ 35000 ft.

The suitcase lies open. Last minute packing is just that. Last minute. You run through the checklists in your head. Whether it is for business or a much-awaited holiday, air travel has become a part of our lives. But, like most things in the modern world, flying too has its effects on mature skin. Here are 5 things to do to maintain that perfect skin for your next flight.

Must Haves on the Flight

The UV Moisturizer and serum probably don’t make the cut to fly in the front with you and are most likely packed into the check in luggage. In-flight conditions are extremely drying and your skin needs to be constantly hydrated. So make sure you include these in your handbag. Most brands now carry travel size options that are easily available. Remember to always pack a broad-spectrum UVA and UVB moisturizer, skin oil, good quality facial wipes, your favorite Serum, eye cream and a lip balm.

Hydrate and Nourish your Skin with a Serum

Since airplane cabins have low humidity, low pressure and are dry, the recycled air robs moisture from your epidermis (the top layer of the skin). This makes your skin look shallow, dry and tired. To help your skin, the best thing to do is to load your skin with as much hydration pre-flight as possible. Prep your skin with a serum to hydrate and nourish it before applying your UV moisturizer. This will help lock in moisture and get your skin flight ready.

UV Protection is a Must

The most important product in today’s urban conditions is a minimum SPF 30, broad spectrum UVA and UVB moisturizer. This becomes even more of a necessity as you fly at 30,000 feet above sea level. The intensity of UV rays on an airplane is twice that as found on the ground. In fact for every additional 3000 feet increase in altitude, there is a 15% increase in the amount of UV radiation. Airplane windows filter only the UVB rays but only minimally filter the more harmful UVA rays. So don’t forget to apply that UV moisturizer liberally on the face, neck as well as the sides of the neck. Another option is to apply mineral powder with SPF protection. However, a moisturizer is more effective for mature skin.

Opt for an Aisle Seat

UV radiation is the number one cause of premature ageing, wrinkles and pigmentation. So try and opt for an aisle seat whenever possible. By sitting away from the window and avoiding the direct harsh rays of the sun, you avoid the sun’s harmful effects on mature skin. If you do find yourself on the window seat, try and keep the shade down as much as possible.

Avoid Skin Fatigue by Carrying and Using Noise Cancellation Head Phones

This may not seem like a tip that aids skin protection, but noise cancellation headphones are great travel companion. The constant hum in the plane is between 95-115 decibels. Normal safety levels are at about 85 decibels. This constant background noise accelerates the onset of fatigue. Fatigue is not good for the health of mature skin. Noise cancellation head phones can reduce the hum of the plane by up to 40 decibels, making the over all flying experience much more pleasurable.

So to sum up, while the last of the checklists run through your mind and the last items are added to your luggage, try and keep 5 minutes to care for your skin with these easy to do tips. As skin matures, a little goes a long way and can help fight off and delay wrinkles and ageing. But always remember to enjoy the skin you are in and stay ‘Beauty Eternal’!

The author, Divya Mehta is a co-founder of Epique. This article is also published on The Economics Times and Live In Style.

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