10 Instagrammers to follow to make your Instagram feed stylish and beautiful

December 22, 2018 |  Lifestyle

10 Instagrammers to follow to make your Instagram feed stylish and beautiful.

1. bombaybhukkad

There are thousands of Instagram handles out there tracking the glamorous journeys of models, celebrities and fashion designers. But if you have spent the past decade dieting and chasing after your dream weight, this is one Instagram handle to rekindle your love for amazing culinary experiences. Indulge yourself with some truly fantastic food out there, even if through this virtual platform.

2. indiapictures

The sweet joy of capturing the true essence of life through the shutters of a camera is indescribable. But follow this magnificent Instagram handle and you will start to cherish the magic of a shutterbug. Capturing the incredible India at its best, this is a colourful Instagram account which should not be missed.

3. underarmourwomen

This instagram account is all about having the right attitude and approach towards pursuing an active lifestyle. The insta feed on this account includes some truly gritty, exceptionally determined and inspiring women engaging in hard core workout such as lunges, squats, kick boxing, etc. And all this comes with a dose of inspirational quotes.

4. cleaneatz

You are what you eat and the better you eat, the healthier you feel. This Instagram account is a true inspiration for anyone striving to eat healthy. You can find some hilariously biting quotes and mouth-watering food pictures on the @cleaneatz feed with excellent ideas for healthy and clean eating.

5. leaninorg

Sense of achievement and accomplishment can go a long way at achieving true happiness. And if your career helps you feel that way, then this Instagram handle is definitely for you. Find inspiring quotes, tips and wisdom to excel in all kinds of careers; irrespective of your age and ambition.

6. humansofny

While @indiapictures is a panoramic insight into the photogenic beauty of India, @humansofny is a brainchild of photographer Brandon Stanton that has taken the world by a storm. Heart-rending and deeply moving stories of people living in New York, from all walks of the life are posted every day on this feed. Some of these stories are emotional, some personal and some heart-breaking. But, all of them move you and motivate you without fail.


If you are more hands-on with life, then this eclectic DIY Instagram account is just the thing to give you a daily dose of creativity boost. Design expert, Erica Domesek feed this account with some of the most interesting DIY projects, made by herself and followers of the account.

8. myepique

A fresh and unprecedented take on beauty and personal care is presented by this health and beauty instagram account. This handle believes in making women self-assured about who they are. It is giving a voice to the women to create a world where age is not a measure of beauty. Follow this handle for inspiration, confidence and the true definition of beauty that transcends time.

9. hermes

Get your daily dose of everything trendy, stylish and fashion @hermes. The best of fashion trends, latest photoshoots are shared on the feed of this suave Instagram account by Hermes.

10. shoedazzle

Cinderella is a proof that shoes can change a woman’s life. If you are madly in love with shoes then this is the account you just can’t miss. Follow this account to get in touch with trends, or to window shop and sometimes just to fantasise. This dazzling Instagram account is all shoe inspiration and aspiration you will ever need.

Do you agree with our list? Is there any account that we have missed? Do let us know in the comments section.

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