10 Skincare Myths Busted

April 12, 2018 |  Skincare Tips, Skin Care Myths

10 Skincare Myths Busted

Teenage is over and so is the acne stage! Drinking 3 litres of water every day will solve all skin-related problems! Say Hello to winters and bye to Sunscreens!

If you believe in the above then, unfortunately, you’ve got it all wrong. There are so many myths surrounding skin-care that it’s important to burst them and know what is real.
Let’s go myth-busting:

1. Pimples are for teens:- Age has nothing to do with pimples. An acne outburst can occur at any age depending upon your diet, stress levels, lifestyle, pollution level and other factors.

2. Home remedies can never go wrong:- Wrong. They can. Who said natural ingredients from the kitchen can not cause allergy or irritation? All things natural does not imply all things safe. For eg, turmeric , known to boost immunity can also cause skin irritation to some people. It’s best to do a patch test before using any home remedy on skin.

3. Washing face multiple times in a day can make the skin glow:- Too much of anything is bad. It’s not about the number of times you wash your face, but, how you do it every time, keeping in mind your skin type. Dry skin requires just one face wash every day, whereas oily skin requires more than one.

4. Mature Skincare products are for 30 plus age group:-
Fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet can surface right in your 20’s. The radiations from sun, hectic lifestyle and an unhealthy diet can take away the natural glow from your skin even when it is in its prime. It’s better to introduce mature skincare products early and not wait for your 30th birthday.

5. Sunscreens prevents tanning:- No. That’s the job of a sun block. Sunscreen filters the UV rays from entering the skin, but, it doesn’t completely block. Tanning occurs the moment sunlight hits the skin.

6. Dry Skin is dehydrated skin:- The former is a skin type and the later is a skin condition. You are born with a skin type, say oily, dry or combination. Dry skin is when the skin doesn’t produce enough oil. Dehydrated skin is a condition that can happen to any skin type. It’s when the skin lacks water. Treat dry skin with oil rich moisturizers and dehydrated skin with water-rich products.

7. Dark circles mean lack of sleep:- You may sleep 8 hours a day and still have dark circles. Other reasons responsible for dark circles are allergies, swollen veins beneath the skin’s surface or a high-salt diet. Dark circles in some cases are also genetic. Sleeping is not the only way of getting rid of them.

8. Skin pores open and close:- Pores are tiny openings containing oil-producing sebaceous glands . When the oil gets clogged in the pore, it appears big in size and you assume it to be an open pore. But in reality its just a clogged pore. Steam helps the skin around the pore to loosen up and that unclogs the pore, making it look small again.

9. More exfoliating means radiant skin:- Excessive exfoliation can do more damage than good to your skin. By exfoliating daily, you completely rip off the dead skin from the surface of the skin , thereby making it highly sensitive . Some amount of dead skin cells protect your skin from pollution and harmful bacteria. Experts recommend to exfoliate only once a week.

10. Skin type never changes:- This is the mother of all myths. A dry skin can become normal or oily, gradually. The change in skin type will not occur suddenly, but over a longer period of time, sometimes it may be close to a decade. Diet, stress, lifestyle, age are the factors that can change the type of skin you are born with.

Do you believe in any more myths? Send them to us and we will bust them for you.

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