30s Skin Care

February 14, 2018 |  Skincare Tips, Mature Skincare

30s Skin Care: All that you Need to Know

While 30s is an important time in your life, it may be the most important from your skin’s point of view. It is the time when your skin starts getting drier, thinner and more sensitive. A proper skincare regimen at this juncture can slow down the damage brought in by hormonal changes.

Common signs of skin changes in your 30s:

  • Dull, dry skin with larger pores due to nutrition depletion.
  • Lowered suppleness and skin elasticity due to hormonal imbalance and lifestyle.
  • Dark circles and puffy eyes.
  • Fine lines, blemishes and skin pigmentation.

Six secrets for healthy, glowing skin:

  • Start and end your day with cleansing. It ensures that your skin breathes properly so that it can protect and renew itself. A pH balanced cleanser protects from dryness while removing dirt.
  • Moisturize daily by using a broad spectrum SPF 50 to combat tanning and premature skin changes. Also, apply a night cream with hydrating, mature skincare ingredients to improve skin’s radiance and firmness.
  • Use serum before moisturizing in case of damaged skin. The concentrated mature skincare ingredients smoothen and restore skin texture.
  • Exfoliate at night using gentle strokes to shed the dead skin. As skin dehydrates , natural process of enzymes becomes low. External exfoliation and moisturizing keeps skin rejuvenated and refreshed.
  • Stress shows first on your eyes as the skin is sensitive and thin. An eye cream consisting of Vitamin B3 prevents fine lines, darkening and puffiness.
  • Water intake will ensure your body remains hydrated. Take a high-fiber diet for necessary enzymes required for healthy skin and body functions.

It is necessary to know your skin and its needs. Right products at the right time can prove a boon for your skin. Check out the mature skincare range formulated by Epique especially for mature women above 30. Clinically tested and effective, Epique mature skincare range is enriched with the goodness of active plant ingredients.

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