4 Toxic Fabrics You Should Ditch Right Away For Skin Betterment

September 05, 2018 |  Skincare Tips, Did You Know

4 Toxic Fabrics You Should Ditch Right Away For Skin Betterment

There are plenty of classy clothes in your wardrobe that you love to wear no matter what they silently do to your skin. You must be aware that not all fabrics make your skin happy. All types of fibers, no matter natural or synthetic get various types of chemicals like detergents, petrochemical dyes, bleaching agents, softener agents etc during the manufacturing process. Many such chemicals stay post manufacturing and harm the skin. Here are four fabrics you should stop wearing right away for skin betterment:

    • Polyester:

Polyester tops the list of the most harmful fabrics you can buy. It is composed of synthetic polymers made from esters of dihydric alcohol and terephthalic acid. The two ingredients are very poisonous. The sad thing is that they stay in the cloth even post manufacturing process, and make way into the body through the skin. According to experts polyester fabrics can cause a number of health issues, including skin cancer and other types of cancers, which takes a huge number of lives worldwide. If you wear polyester fabrics, there are chances that you would suffer from chronic and extreme respiratory infections and skin issues like itching, redness, rashes and dermatitis. Besides constant wearing of polyester can decrease the sperm count and bring out behavioral changes.

    • Acrylic fabrics:

The manufacturing process of Acrylic includes the combination of toxic substances which makes it one of the main causes of breast cancer. If the manufacturing process isn’t performed in the right way then it may end up causing an explosion due to its highly unstable nature. You can’t recycle these fibers easily which make them bad for the environment. They are highly inflammable also.

    • Rayon fiber:

The production of Rayon is done using recycled wood pulp or bamboo cellulose processed by a mixture of numerous chemicals including sulfuric acid, ammonia, carbon disulfide, acetone and caustic soda to deal with regular washing and back to back wearing. Rayon emits a number of toxins that can lead to vomiting, nausea, headache, muscle and chest pain and insomnia. They can also make you contract tissue necrosis, Parkinson’s disease if you wear Rayon fiber regular basis. The toxins present in Rayon aren’t just damaging people, but can also harm the Eco-system by causing water pollution, hitting the growth of plants, and impacting the life span of animals.

    • Nylon:

Nylon is a highly used fiber but not many people are aware of what all damage it could do to the skin. Nylon is a hazardous fabric, which is petroleum based and receives a large amount of chemical treatments that includes caustic soda, formaldehyde, and sulfuric acid at the time of manufacturing. It also gets a mixture of bleaching and softer agents like pentane and many others, making Nylon among the least eco-friendly textiles. Even when the manufacturing process of nylon is over, the fabric still keeps toxins residues that are unsafe for the well-being of people. If you wear Nylon on regular basis you could contract skin allergies, headaches, spine pains, system dysfunction, dizziness, and cancer.

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