5 Clothes That Can Ruin Your Health

November 17, 2018 |  Lifestyle

5 Clothes That Can Ruin Your Health

Most of you dress up considering the weather, event, mood, color, and comfort level, but have you ever pondered about how the clothes you wear affect your health? No? Don’t worry we are here to present a crystal clear picture of which clothes you should stop wearing right now to stay healthy.

Here are the 5 clothes you show stop wearing:

  • Tight Skinny Jeans: You must be in love with those sexy skinny jeans but you should stop wearing it right away. Skin tight jeans compress the nerves of your body parts hindering the smooth blood flow. You can suffer from numbness, swelling, muscle issues if you wear tight attires. Furthermore, as per experts when you wear tight clothing, the fabric comes in close contact with your skin and rubs against it, disturbing the skin protection that works on keeping your skin safe from a number of infections.
  • Say No To Shape Wear: Shape wear has become a trend in the present time where everyone wants to look slim, in shape, but they don’t realize what it could cost them. Shape wears are not at all good for your health. Clothes like Spanx, stockings, are no less damaging than denim. As per experts, shape wear can crush your soft organs and make you suffer from severe stomach ache. Such clothes also cause acid re-flux. Thus try avoiding body hugging clothes. If you can’t stay away from shape wears, at least try to use them occasionally.
  • Unwashed Pajamas: Many people wear the same pajama every night while going to bed without washing them on regular basis, considering that they wear it only at nights. But, this practice is very unhealthy for their body. Changing you pajama every day is as important as changing your underwear. Bacteria often get a home in your pajama, which grows when you don’t wash it for days. The bacteria can create a lot of problems for your sensitive area down there.
  • Swimming Suits: Swimming is a very good physical activity but not the swimming suit which many people keep on wearing for a long time even after stepping out of the pool. Most of the swimming suits are made up of synthetic material which can keep the moisture for long periods. Yeast and bacteria grow at a very fast pace in a wet swim suits especially bottom part, leading to numerous infections. Besides, you should also avoid wearing very tight swim suits as they don’t let the air pass and cause bacteria accumulation at the bottom area.
  • Choose The Right Bra: Bra is an integral part of women’s life. These days, women have started wearing colored, fancy bras without paying any heed to what all they can do to their health. Wearing a rightly sized and manufactured bra is very important. If the bra you wear is very tight, the straps put pressure on your shoulders as smaller strap can lift your blossom easily. This shoulder strain could affect your neck, making you experience severe pain. On the other hand, if your bra is very loose, it can spoil the size and shape of your breasts.

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