Detox Diets to Purify your System

December 29, 2018 |  Nutrition, Wellness

5 Detox Diets to Purify your System

In the era of processed foods and designer culinary options, it is difficult for anyone to stay away from the temptations of taste buds. But the harmful effects of processed foods are also undeniable. Most packaged and ready to eat food products are unnaturally enhanced and increase the toxin release in our bodies. Due to such toxic consumptions we suffer from several metabolic, physiological and psychological disorders.

It is little surprise then, that diet plans that can help us detoxify our polluted systems are gaining a lot of popularity. Everyone wants to try a detox diet to fast track their health goals. So here is a list of top detox diets, which are easy to try and offer assured results –

Master Cleanse diet

If this diet can work for Beyoncé, then there must be something to it. This 10-day diet involves drinking six to twelve glasses of lemonade/ lemon juice, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper concoction every day. The diet is flexible enough to allow beginning and ending with fruits and vegetables, juices and soups. But once you start the cleanse diet, you only can drink the lemon concoction throughout the day. You also need to take laxatives for 10 days, to completely detoxify your system.

Juice Cleanse

It may be a high sugar and low fiber diet, but it is a great way to detox your body and flush it with plenty of vitamins and minerals. This diet can last from one to three days and involves replacing all solid food with a variety of juices.

Colon Cleanse

One of the most popular detox diets, the colon cleanse is known to work splendidly for everyone. With the help of supplements, teas and laxatives; the colon is cleansed of all manners of toxins present in the digestive system. In extreme cases, colon irrigation is also opted for, where water is flushed into the colon to detoxify it.

Green Smoothie Cleanse

This 10-day detox diet is designed to provide you ample amount of vitamins, minerals, fibre and hydration. You can only consume fruits and vegetables blended into a green smoothie, adding no sugars or salt to it. While this detox diet can help you reduce upto 7 kilos of weight, it doesn’t include any protein component and thus can’t be considered balanced.

Clean Program

This is the ultimate detox diet, known for including meditation and massages into the program. During this detox plan, you are supposed to consume a variety of shakes, twice a day along with program approved supplements. You are also allowed to have a lunch made from a list of foot categories, such as brown rice, mango and lentils. Gwyneth Paltrow has tried this diet and even developed her own version of it.

Although a great way to kick start a healthy lifestyle, all these detox diets must be followed for a short term. After all, their ultimate purpose is to cleanse and detoxify your system so that you can start afresh.

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