5 Ways to Make Your Skin Flawless With Hot Yoga

December 01, 2017 |  Skincare Tips, Skin Yoga

5 Ways to Make Your Skin Flawless With Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is the newest trend people falling for; believe me, it’s worth it. Hot yoga can make your skin glow like never before. Its results become evident in no time.

Yoga is absolutely a boon, but the aura in which you are performing it can be troublesome sometimes. Many people try yoga, but the uncomfortable temperature and atmosphere leave them irritated. Well, this isn’t the case with hot yoga, wherein you perform useful asanas in skin-friendly and relaxing surroundings.

Especially, after the 20s, people start fearing about rough, wrinkled skin full of blemishes. For the ones above the 30s, it’s the time to make skin look as fresh as a 20-year-old, and this is possible if their skin receives proper pampering.

When you become a member of a regular hot yoga session or say Bikram yoga session, you must keep in mind some tips to get positive and satisfying results for your skin. Here are five hot yoga tips to make your skin glowing –

  • Prior to stepping out for hot yoga class, make sure that your skin is ready for a proper session. Don’t forget to clean your face properly before you visit the class. Remove all kinds of makeup you have on your face, ranging from eyeliner to face powder. In the aura of a hot yoga class, pores open up, and if there is any kind of makeup on the skin it could get in there.
  • Once you are done with your hot yoga session, do cleanse your skin properly. When you step out of steam, controlled atmosphere, your skin pores start contracting and in the way of doing so, it absorbs all that comes in contact. So, make sure you wash your skin properly using cleansing pads and wipes. If you are planning to visit somebody’s house or a party post session, avoid applying heavy makeup. Keep it simple.
  • Water isn’t sufficient to keep you fully hydrated. To keep your skin hydrated, you must use a proper moisturizer after a hot yoga session. Skin easily gets dehydrated, and water alone can’t help out much. Avoid those dry, scratch patches by applying proper creams and oils.
  • Proper skin cooling is a must after the session to refresh the skin. You can maintain the skin temperature after a hot yoga session by using a skin cooling spray. These days, you can get the best cooling products in the market. For best results, keep your cooling product in the refrigerator.
  • Hot yoga includes 26 poses. During the session, your hair can make you feel annoyed. So prefer a hairstyle that doesn’t come in the way of your asanas. You can go for braided pigtails. Besides, carry your own towels to the class, and avoid using the ones provided in the sessions. The towels you get during sessions are bleached badly because of being used by thousands of sweaty people in the past.

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