7 Ways To Keep Your Skin Winter Ready

November 03, 2017 |  Trending, Skincare Tips

7 Ways To Keep Your Skin Winter Ready

The season of those cute hats, pretty scarves, and long boots is just a few days away. Winter is a gorgeous season but brings along a lot of skin-related issues. The onset of winter marks the arrival of dry, damaged skin. Your skin needs a lot more pampering during winters to keep winter-accompanied issues at bay.

We are here with seven ways through which you can keep your skin all set to deal with whatever it comes across in the cold season:

    • Short Showers:

Prefer showers over baths. Warm water soothes the body in winters but excess of shower can harm your skin in the ways you can never think of. Your skin gets extremely dry when you take long warm showers in winters by destroying the lipid layer. Use mild warm water only, because hot water is very unhealthy for skin.

    • Avoid Dry Skin Syndrome:

In Winters, use a thick facial cream/moisturizer because your skin already goes dry in this weather which doesn’t allow makeup to sit comfortably on your skin. For a cute glowing face, first moisturize your skin properly and then apply makeup. A thick moisturizer coating protects your skin from dry skin syndrome.

    • Pick Unscented lotions:

Everybody loves the fragrance but then getting it from a scented cream or lotion is not a good idea for winters. Scented lotions can make your skin uncomfortable, making it look dry. Avoid those irritating dry patches by applying unscented moisturizers.

    • Date Lip Balm:

Winter is a time when you should date lip balm every there and now. With the arrival of winter, lips are the first part of your body which becomes dry and look cracked. Date lip balm to get those moisturized happy lips. Carry your lip balm in your hand bag always.

    • Humidifier:

Dry air sucks moisture from your skin leaving it dull and lifeless. It makes the skin suffer from a number of issues such as dullness, dryness, and early skin changes. But, you can deal with all such problems by making humidifier a part of your life. It can save your skin from such problems and keep it glowing. Thus, never forget to use the humidifier when you are indoors.

    • Embrace SPF In Winters Too:

Yes, you have heard it right SPF is needed in winters too. You must depend on a naturally healing and moisturizing sunscreen in this cold season. The sunscreen should have a minimum of SPF 30 for effective results. Don’t leave the home until the sunscreen gets fully absorbed into your skin. In case you are going to spend your entire day outside, you must reapply the SPF throughout the day.

    • Stay Covered:

When your skin is easily approachable it becomes susceptible. Safety is better than cure. While moving out in the cold and windy surroundings, don’t forget to cover your skin by wearing warm gloves, hats, and scarves. Before you wear these warm accessories, apply a layer of moisturizer to avoid scratches and allergies.

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