A to Z Guide to Mature Skincare

May 23, 2018 |  Skincare Tips, Mature Skincare

A to Z Guide to Mature Skincare # 1

Caring for mature skin need not always be complicated. In this three part series, we decode the skincare dictionary of 30+plus women for achieving a flawless, radiant complexion.

Antioxidants – Anti-oxidants are substances responsible for inhibiting oxidation to combat free radical damage which causes skin changes. While our bodies naturally produce anti-oxidants, the free-radicals far outnumber the natural supply making it mandatory to supplement the body’s optimum requirement externally. Not surprisingly, antioxidant rich elements are often the key component of mature skincare creams. Apart from topical application, consuming a diet rich in anti-oxidants can also contribute significantly towards achieving a smooth supple skin. You can get more details about anti-oxidant rich foods and how to incorporate them in your daily diet here.

Beta Hydroxy- Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) or salicylic acid is an organic acid which is responsible for sloughing off dead skin cells to bring out smoother, fresh skin. BHAs find numerous uses in cosmetic industry due to its role in wrinkle reduction and skin softening properties. They are also highly effective in removing skin spots and acne. BHAs are oil soluble making them God’s gift for oily skinned lasses as they can easily penetrate the skin’s surface to unclog pores and aid cell regeneration revealing healthy, smooth skin.

Collagen– Collagen is the building blocks of our skin responsible for maintaining its elasticity and suppleness. With time and excessive sun exposure, skin’s natural collagen tends to break down resulting in saggy, wrinkled skin. These days there are numerous products available in the market both for oral consumption and topical application for mature skins. Eating foods which aid collagen production such as carrots, beans, soy and red fruits and vegetables can play a key role in boosting collagen production and maintaining healthy youthful skin naturally.

- The drinking shenanigans and night-time pizza binges with friends would have been the most cherished memories of your 20s but carrying those habits into your 30s would only leave you with a bad hangover and premature skin problems. While it’s never too early to start eating right, post 30s is the time when we need to start paying close attention to what we put inside our bodies. Eating a balanced diet rich in fruits, nuts and green leafy vegetables would not only ensure that you have a fit body but also a radiant, youthful skin.

Exfoliate- Exfoliation is the process of removal of dead skin cells aiding growth of new skin cells. As we grow older, the skin’s natural cell regeneration process slows down leaving the dead skin cells to pile up leading to clogged pores making it rough and dull. Exfoliation not only gives a smoother appearance to the skin but also removes dead cells deposited in the pores allowing skin to breathe and help skincare products to penetrate deeper in the skin for optimum results. While there are numerous exfoliation scrubs and peels available in the market, pick one which is mildly abrasive to avoid chaffing. Also unless you have excessively dry skin limit your exfoliation sessions to no more than twice a week.

– No wellness and skincare list could be complete without this much dreaded ‘F’ word in it. Maintaining a fit body is critical to not only keeping diseases at bay but is also of tantamount importance to prevent pre-mature skin problems and maintaining the health of your skin. Thankfully, there are numerous fitness options available these days which are fun yet challenging. Zumba, Pilates, dancing, swimming take your pick and get that heart pumping.

Glycolic Acid– Glycolic acids are a part of Alpha Hydroxy Acid groups known for its miraculous action against mature skincare concerns such as fine lines, acne and dullness. Glycolic acids slough off the skin cells promoting new cell generation revealing smoother, brighter and even-toned skin. It also removes the barrier of dead cells, grime and sebum allowing skincare treatments to penetrate deeper into the skin tissues increasing their efficacy.

Hyaluronic Acid– A naturally found element in the body, Hyaluronic acid has earned its place of pride in mature skincare regime due to its ability to retain moisture. As we grow, skin’s ability to hold moisture degenerates giving it a shriveled wrinkled appearance. A well moisturized skin looks supple, smooth and youthful. Recent researches have revealed that Hyaluronic acid also has an anti oxidant action shielding the skin from sun and environmental damage. Not surprisingly, Hyaluronic acid has been christened “the fountain of youth” by beauty experts across the globe.

Ionized water
- Water fortified with mineral ions is called ionized water and is the latest breakthrough to have taken the beauty world by storm. While all natural occurring water has minerals in them, it loses out those precious minerals during reverse osmosis and other purification processes. Ionized water, which is slightly acidic in nature have been found to have numerous health and beauty benefits making it a favourite amongst celebrities and beauty experts. When integrated in your skincare routine, it can help you to prevent skin and scalp infections, restore body’s natural ph balance and shield and repair skin subjected to environmental damage. Rich in anti-oxidants, ionized water provides hydration to fill out fine lines and wrinkles making it a must have in your vanity case.

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