A to Z Guide to Mature Skincare

April 19, 2018 |  Trending, Skincare Tips, Mature Skincare

A to Z Guide to Mature Skincare # 2

Making mature skincare as easy as the ABCs, Beauty Eternal brings to you the second post of this three part series. This week we decode alphabets J to S of skincare for you.

Jojoba Oil-
This miracle oil closely resembles “sebum” the natural waxy substance produced by skin glands making it the best moisturizer for skin. Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin E and B-complex which help in repairing damage by sun exposure. It also stimulates hair follicles making it a preferred ingredient in anti-hair fall products and treatments. Jojoba oil also nourishes the hair and controls frizz giving you smooth, glossy hair.

Korean Beauty- Korean make-up and skincare trends are taking the beauty world by storm. Known for their flawless skin; Korean men and women heavily invest both time and money on their skincare from a very young age to achieve and retain that coveted radiance. Perfected over the years, we all can definitely take a leaf from Korean skincare regimes to use as reference for establishing a skincare most suitable for our skin-type. You can get some tips on integrating the popular 10 step Korean CTM routine by clicking here.

Lactic Acid- Lactic Acid most commonly found in milk is a mild alpha hydroxy acid. This humble acid has over the years emerged as the rockstar of the beauty world owing to its numerous benefits in addressing major skin concerns. Lactic acid helps soften the skin and adds luminescence to the skin. It has a mild bleaching effect which helps in removing tan, dark spots, pigmentation and lightening acne scars. It is also an effective exfoliator making it a popular ingredient in chemical peels and skin brightening creams and masques

Masks- Face Masks are the latest rage trending in the beauty world. Face masks infused with minerals and vitamins can help significantly improve the condition of the skin making it supple and soft. Applying face masks twice a week could really help in nipping various skin conditions in the bud and improving its texture. Egg whites make for a highly effective face mask and help in skin tightening, reducing pore size and add a radiant glow to the skin almost instantaneously. Avocado, fuller’s earth and fruits such as papaya and strawberry are few other commonly found kitchen ingredients which could be used to make potent face-masks for a healthy skin.

Nuts- Almonds, walnuts, groundnuts, cashews. If the delicious taste and flavor of these is not enough for you to go nuts over them, the numerous health and skin benefits should surely make you reach out to a bowl of nutty goodness. Weight loss, enhancing skin radiance, combating wrinkles and fine lines, battling dark spots, maintaining skin elasticity; you name a skin concern and there would be a nut to help you address that. So go get munching right now.

Olive Oil- If olives on your pizzas is food heaven, olive oil on your skin could be its nirvana. A rich source of anti oxidants, olive oil could help banish all mature skincare concerns. Its high vitamin E content makes it a great remedy for stretch marks and plumping out fine lines and wrinkles. A great massaging oil, its oleic acid content keeps the skin soft and supple. It is also great for hair for nourishing them, promoting growth and arresting hair fall. In case that was not enough, olive oil is an elixir for your nails too for softening cuticles and adding strength and shine to them.

Peptides- Peptides are the molecules which form amino-acids, the building blocks of collagen or the skin protein. Collagen is responsible for the tautness and suppleness of the skin. As we grow, skin’s rate of replacing collagen gets diminished leading to loose saggy skin. Peptides are small molecules which could easily penetrate the skin’s surface to encourage collagen build –up and restore the skin’s sculpted, supple appearance.

Quercetin- A form of flavanoid, Quercetin has lately been attracting a lot of attention from the scientific world due to its mature skincare and immunity-boosting benefits. Found in a range of foods including grape skins, tomatoes, onions and green tea; Quercetin is suspected to hold the key to leading healthier and longer lives. It is known to reduce cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular diseases and damage cancer cells earning it a place of pride in this list.

Retinol- If you have ever taken out time to read the label on your mature skincare cream, 9 out of ten times you would have found Retional mentioned on it. It is a storehouse of mature skincare benefits providing the overhaul your post 30s skin needs. It diminishes the signs of skin changes, adds life to the skin by expelling dullness and firms up the skin making it smooth and plump.

Sunblock- While none of us are stranger to the need for using Sunscreens to combat harmful effects of the sun, very few of us pay close attention to the kind of sunscreen we should pick for effective protection. Given, the Indian weather conditions, your sunscreen should have an SPF value ranging from 30-50. For maximum protection, you should always apply sunscreen 20 minutes prior to stepping out in the sun and re-apply it every two hours for optimum protection. Always pick up a sunscreen which provides coverage from both UVA and UVB rays as exposure to either of these rays severely damage the skin. Epique’s Advanced UV protection system sunscreen lotion has been specially developed keeping in mind the needs of mature skin. The powerful 50 SPF (UVA + UVB) formula is infused with concentrated plant molecular energies for mature skincare benefits while providing moisturizing making it a multitasking sunblock.

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