Healthy Skin Matters, Never Underestimate It

November 24, 2017 |  Trending, Skincare Tips, Did You Know

Healthy Skin Matters, Never Underestimate It

Skin is the biggest organ of your body, so don’t think twice when it comes to skin health. It’s skin that communicates with the world before your open your mouth or interacts. It is the shield that protects you from the world outside. Skin is what holds all your body parts together, and in its absence, your organs would be hanging across the place.

It is the organ that holds your body fluids and prevents dehydration. Skin protects you from harmful microbes. It is the reason you feel things like cold, hot, and pain.

Tips to Kick off Skin Related Winter Problems:

Winter is round the corner, so better be ready to deal with various skin issues it brings along with it. Here are some tips you can follow to tackle winter caused skin menace:

Sunscreen is Must: If you think sunscreen is used in summers only, then you must think again. It’s winter, a time when everyone wants some warmth from the sun. But not all are aware that winter sun is not all safe. You must slather a broad spectrum sunscreen on all your body parts exposed to sun rays to keep them safe.

Skin of Hands needs your Special Attention: In the process of taking care of the face, legs, arms and other parts, we often forget to pamper our hands, which is not a good thing. The skin covering hands is thinner than most of other body parts. It has comparatively lesser oil glands due to which it is quite vulnerable to dryness, mainly in cold weather. So, start pampering your hands.

Ditch Wet Socks and Gloves: During winters, everybody wears socks and gloves, and many among them act lazy in changing wet coverings. They prefer wearing it like that only, and then change them without paying attention to what repercussions that could have on their skin. Wet socks and gloves can lead to irritation, resulting into cracking, sores, itching, and other infections.

Stay Hydrated: In winters, many people avoid drinking water just because the weather is cold, but it is harmful to your skin. Water consumption plays a very important role in keeping your skin glowing.

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