How Festival Pollutants Affect Your Skin

November 10, 2018 |  Skincare Tips, Bridal Skin Care

How Festival Pollutants Affect Your Skin

Pollution has a very bad impact not only on our environment but also on us. The pollution levels become sky rocketing during the festive season. Pollution is the main cause of a number of skin problems. With the arrival of the festive season, a lot of pollutants also knock at the door. The festive season is full of lights, love, laughter, celebrations, sweets, but also brings along pollutants that can ruin your skin.

Here is How The Festival Pollutants Affect your Skin:

Dull Skin:

Everybody wants to flaunt a flawless glowing skin during the festive season. It is the time when people gather, celebrate, visit places, enjoy, and during this period everybody wants to look the best, but alas, those festival pollutants suck the entire glow from the skin, leaving it dull like dead.

Precaution: Dullness is a big no during festival season. Keep dullness at bay by pampering your skin well. Apply a proper protective layer on your skin prior to stepping out of the home. And, the moment you get back home, wash your skin with water to get rid of all those pollution particles that your skin has absorbed from the surroundings

Early Skin changes:

Festival pollutants accelerate the negative changes of your skin. The pollutants emitted by the crackers accumulate on your skin and due to extremely small size penetrate through deeper layers of the epidermis when your skin comes in direct contact with them.

Precaution: Everybody wants a vibrant skin, so why take a risk. Make it a point to keep your skin properly moisturized in festival season, which would save your skin from the direct attack of the pollutants.

Heat & Light Exposure:

Festival season is full of lights and heat released by those crackers and oil lamps. During this time, if skin comes in contact with the pollutants-packed atmosphere it becomes very dry. This heat and light make skin itchy, cause rashes and redness. Moreover, when you move out in the day time during the festive season, your skin faces double attack, both from the harmful sun rays and the pollutants present in the air.

Precaution: Be extra cautions during the festive season. Maintain some distance from those crackers, and just in case your skin gets exposed to them consult a doctor immediately.

Skin Reactions:

Holi is the festival of colors. People apply colors and play with water during this season. The colors applied during this festival contain a lot of harmful chemicals which may make you suffer from a lot of skin problems. Some colors leave painful itchy cracks on the skin. The air is filled with powdered colors, which stick to skin and often infiltrate in the deeper layers of the skin. Synthetic Holi colors can cause skin cancer. A lot of people suffers from skin reactions during festival season.

Precaution: Use herbal colors that are safe for skin. Apply coconut oil on your skin prior to playing Holi with colors, which will sort of give a protective covering to your skin, keeping it safe from pollutants. Besides, after playing with colors, cleanse your skin properly.

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