How to Fight Blemishes?

December 08, 2018 |  Skincare Tips, Mature Skincare

How to Fight Blemishes?

Beauty has been the greatest seductress for anything that exists with intelligence, at least at some level. In fact, if we go by science, the process of giving birth to a progeny is majorly governed by the laws of attraction. However, one must dwell on the beauty of mind and deeds over physical parameters. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to overlook your well-being or ignore the gift of having an attractive physical personality. It would not be wrong to deduce that a beautiful mind often resides in a beautiful body. To put it more precisely, when we start thinking beautiful, we become beautiful.

Women understand this fact with great application. The human body has been created in a manner where for different reasons spots or blemishes appear on skin. Any kind of blemish; be it acne, or sunburn, or blackheads tend to become like the irksome particle of dust in eyes. Especially, a blemish on the face makes you feel like an artist who composed a beautiful painting but a small drop of colour on an unwanted section spoiled the harmony.

Majorly speaking, blemishes are caused due to excessive hormonal secretions that are responsible for producing oils in different sections of our body. Adult women face the problem of acne-related blemishes all around the world. You can choose the best way and mature skin care products to take care of your skin in any of the following ways which ever suits you.

Eat healthy for a spotless skin

As the saying goes we are pretty much what we eat. A balanced meal with a lot of fruits and high water consumption in daily routine can almost guarantee a drastic improvement as you would be taking care of the cause itself. Yes, it sounds archaic, but it’s true. Drinking lots of water can make your skin glow and make it healthy from within. When you drink water, your kidneys become active. They purify the blood in your body and they require to be hydrated to perform their function properly. You would be amazed to know what a bowl of yogurt and a vegetable salad can accomplish for you. If you intake enough roughage and minerals, vitamins in your meals the complete digestive system gets a boost. As a result, you become healthy and you can kiss your skin problems goodbye.

Sleep like a baby, look like a princess

You can praise our forefathers who invented the term beauty sleep because it works. Research shows that when people sleep well they wake up relatively healthier. When we sleep our skin gets better blood flow which in turn makes our skin better because of oxygen. Also sleeping means body recovers from routine wear and tear. Our body is always in work mode, specifically the skin, and sleep gives a better scenario for the body to shed dead cells and let the new ones take over. You know what new looks like.

Sweat it out and let the beauty shout

Working out is one hell of a great way to get rid of blemishes and acne. When you sweat it out, all the impurities stuck in your skin go away. Exercising regularly improves your metabolism and it gets rid of unwanted fats. Yes, there is a good reason why people try to avoid unhealthy fat rich foods because it disturbs the hormonal balance in your body. Healthy skin is also a sign of healthy hormonal balance in your body. So try to work out regularly and keep the consumption of unhealthy fat rich foods to the minimum.

Too much Sun, no fun for skin

Sunshine is good for the skin but too much of sun not so good. It can irritate the acne and even darker already existing blemishes. But then again, you don’t want to miss out on beaches or all your friends when they are playing beach volleyball.

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