Winter Skin Problems

November 29, 2017 |  Skincare Tips

Keep Winter Skin Problems at Bay with These 4 Skincare Essentials

Winter can create a mess for your skin and may leave it badly damaged. With the onset of winter season, your skin starts becoming dry, making it look very dull and lifeless. The scenario is disastrous for the ones who hereditary possess dry skin.

As you grow, your skin becomes more sensitive to the surroundings and get vulnerable to infections and irritations. The skin gets easily scratched as temperatures drop due to dryness. The largest organ of the body seeks a lot of attention and care in winter. Survive the approaching winter with these skincare essentials –

1. Keep your Skin Hydrated – Your skin must have proper moisture levels during winters. Besides excess water intake, make sure you’re applying the cream on your skin after every few hours. Especially, when you come out of a shower, apply oil or moisturizer on your body as it will keep your skin prepared to fight off dryness. Try applying oil when your body is still wet, as the blend of water and oil keeps your skin hydrated for longer time span. You can try honey massage combined with a few drops of olive oil to keep your skin hydrated. Honey is also a very good anti-bacterial agent and could guard your skin, from unwanted particles.
2. Keep your Skin Healed – One of the most common problems of winter is dry, patchy, hurting skin. Air in winter often leaves lips extremely dry causing various problems. Your lips heal the best while you are sleeping, so don’t forget to apply a natural lip balm before you sleep. Relaxing while sleeping will allow the balm to work better. Feet dryness is another quite prevalent issue that winter drags along with it. The best mantra to avoid heel or feet dryness is petroleum jelly appliance on with cotton socks at the time of going to sleep.
3. Proper Exfoliation is a Big Yes – Exfoliate! Yes, you have heard it right. Make it a point to brush off all the dead skin cells from your body prior going for a shower. Proper exfoliation not just helps in cell rejuvenation, but also boosts circulation and detoxifies the skin. Exfoliation literally transforms skin. It resolves numerous skin problems. Market is full of products dedicated to bring spark in your dull dry skin and to fix skin’s moisture barrier.
4. Winter Friendly Makeup – Every woman wants to look classy with well applied make up, but not many realize the need to consult experts for right makeup during winters. Makeup is fine, but in winters, the skin shows lots of tantrums, amid which you need to match your makeup accordingly. If you will apply a matte lipstick in winters, your dry lips will look more dull and lifeless. Winter proof makeup has become a must for all those who love to stay dolled up. In this season, eyes start watering for no reason, which often spoils the eye makeup. Banish such a situation by applying silicone-based eyeliner, which repels water. Also, prefer a moisturizer or a gloss lipstick during this time of the year.

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