September 29, 2018 |  Skincare Tips, Sun Protection

Protecting your skin from the UV radiations

Although the sun brings us light and life, we must respect it and be aware of its harms. For an example let’s talk about a TAN. A tan is your body’s way to express the injury it has suffered cause of excessive UV exposure. Excessive UV exposure can cause skin cancer and revamping your sun habits at any age is an ideal action. There is no safe tan. Protect your skin from the UV radiations with sun cream protection and save your skin and maintain your skin health. There are various ways to prevent skin cancer and improve sun protection specially if you are into outdoor activities. Some of the ways include using a dollop of sunscreen broad spectrum or sunscreen higher spf, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, drinking a lot of water and reapplying your sunscreen every few hours. It’s time to protect yourself from the sun. After all sun is to skin cancer as cigarettes are to lung cancer.

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