Skincare Essentials: The beach holiday

January 02, 2018 |  Skincare Tips, Beach Holiday

Skincare Essentials: The beach holiday

Beach holidays give us some of the everlasting memories. They are the Best-Escape-Anyone-Can-Have, literally! All of us, who prefer a beach over a mountain, know that while it’s super fun to relax on the shore, the combination of sun + sand + salty water can play havoc on the skin. It’s not just tanning that we are talking about, but a beach holiday can leave you skin dehydrated,dry and dull. A young skin can still recover quickly from these damages, but a mature skin takes its own time.
Heres what you can do to minimize the damage and remain a beach bum at all times.

1. Prepare in advance – Shop right! Drink right!
Since you are going to be exposed to sun for a longer duration of time, you need to take a break from your regular sunscreen and moisturizer. Buy a sun-block, with higher SPF (preferably 50). It will be great if is waterproof. Same goes with your makeup, in case you are one of those who can’t stay without it even on a beach, buy waterproof makeup. Don’t forget the lips , because they are going to be exposed to UV rays too. Buy nourishing lip balms, with a dose of sun block. Other must haves are your glares and a wide brimmed beach hat, to give your face the much needed protection from sun rays. Apart from shopping , you need to keep drinking water, because your body is going to be highly dehydrated in the coming days.

2. When on the beach – Follow the (skin-care) rules!
Do not leave your hotel room, without applying the sunblock. Apply a generous amount , at least 20 minutes before you leave your room, because it takes that much time for the cream to be absorbed by the skin. keep reapplying it after every two hours and immediately after you swim. Remember to take a shower after you swim, to take off the residual salt water and sand.

Another important beauty regimen to follow is exfoliation. It will take away the dead skin cells off your face and take the dirt off the pores. But don’t overdo it, as it may leave your skin exposed. Use a gentle exfoliator once in 3-4 days. For daily care of your skin, follow the CTM rule i.e. Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize. Since your skin Is going to be dehydrated and dry, nourishing it with a good moisturizer is very important.

3. Post vacation skin care
Once you return from the holiday, you should begin treatment on your skin if you see signs of pigmentation like freckles, sun spots, uneven skin tone and tan. Use dermatologist recommended products to treat these problems and prevent further discoloration. Do not opt for bleaching the face in order to remove the tan, it might leave your skin red and itchy. Let the skin rest for few days before opting for harsh chemicals and other skin whitening products.
Have a great time at the beach! Do share with us your tips and tricks for a perfect beach holiday.

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