Skincare essentials to make your travel beautiful

April 26, 2018 |  Skincare Tips, Flights/Travel

Skincare essentials to make your travel beautiful

Skincare is important, no matter your travel is for work, pleasure, family or something else. With frequent travelling routines, it has become quite difficult to keep up with a proper skin care regimen while travelling. However, ignoring skin’s needs will do you no good in the long run. Here are some quick skincare tips that you can follow on your next trip.

Preparing for climate – Travelling to a different climate will require your skin to adjust, hence using products suited for the new climate two – three days in advance will help your skin to acclimatise. It also keeps your skin safe from reactions.

Things to avoid – Strong products or peels should be avoided immediately before or during the travel to prevent sudden reaction or skin break-out. Make up or foundation is best avoided during travel to keep skin pores away from clogging.

Travel Essentials
– Here are five products that you must carry with you on every trip.
1. Moisturiser: A gentle moisturiser will help you keep your skin moist and fresh. It will ensure that your pores are unclogged and the skin is glowing with a natural radiance. Opt for a moisturiser that gets easily absorbed by your skin.
2. Face Wipes: It is difficult to wash your face at regular intervals when you are travelling. And that’s why face wipes are your perfect travel partners. It makes cleansing and moisturising your face convenient and hassle-free. You can even use them to remove make up when you are dead tired.
3. Sunscreen: No skin care kit is complete without a sunscreen. Carry a broad spectrum sunscreen with adequate SPF protection as it keeps the skin safe from harmful rays of Sun and its effects like UV-damage.
4. Hand Cream: Hands gets the most ignored when it comes to skincare. They are always exposed and keep coming in contact with various things. Always carry a hand cream with you and keep hydrating your hands whenever you can.
5. Lip Balm: The skin is the thinnest on the lips and they have no natural way to moisturise themselves. Your lips can appear dry or chapped quicker than the rest of your skin. Keep a lip balm handy at all times for a million-dollar smile.

Travel size – Last but not the least, small-sized products make your travel easier and lighter. Consider maintaining a beauty kit for travelling so that you are prepared to follow a perfect beauty regimen, wherever you go.

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