The Right Skincare for your 30s, 40s and 50s.

January 09, 2018 |  Skincare Tips, Mature Skincare

The Right Skincare for your 30s, 40s and 50s.

It is important to know that your skin is a complete reflection of how well you have taken care of it. Just so you know, it is never too late to start the right care for your skin.

After entering 30s, your skincare routines should no longer consist only of the basics since you now need to replenish your skin’s resources externally. Apart from cleanser, toner and moisturiser, there are additional products (like serums or eye creams) that you can add to your regimen for a serious boost in results.

Caring for your skin in 30s.

30s is the best time to build a perfect skin care regime for lasting inner radiance. You should consider:

  • Regular exfoliation to remove dead cells causing dullness.
  • Nourishing products to combat fine lines and dark circles.
  • Moisturizer and face mask for a wrinkle-free and hydrated skin.

Caring for your skin in 40s.

In your 40s, damage leaves visible impact on your skin. You can reduce the damage by using:

  • Moisturizer to replenish the loss of natural oils. The frequency varies for different skin types.
  • Skin brightener and eye cream for immediate radiance boost.
  • Nourishing creams that can be massaged to improve the fluid circulation.

Caring for your skin in 50s.

In your 50s, changes are most visible. You can keep your skin healthy by regularly using quality products like:

  • Vitamin A based products to firm your skin and toning up.
  • Nourishing masks and serums to hydrate your skin.
  • Night cream to replenish nutrients for a fresh and glowing skin.

Your skin gets drier, thinner and more sensitive over the time. You need to take care of your skin with a well-defined skincare regimen. A proper skincare regimen also means avoiding habits that may cause harm to your skin.

Reconsider the choices you make

  • Skipping sunscreen
  • Neglecting your hands and neck while caring for your face
  • Popping pimples and acnes by yourself
  • Sleeping with your make up on

Take time to understand the needs of your skin and then build a skincare regimen most suited for your skin. To cater to the needs of the mature skin, Epique has formulated a range of skincare products with the goodness of active plant extracts.

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