Travel Solo. Travel Smart. Travel Safe

July 12, 2018 |  Lifestyle

Travel Solo. Travel Smart. Travel Safe.

Solo traveling is gaining popularity among Indian women, and rightly so. Women today are rediscovering their individuality and traveling alone to experience their independence. While solo traveling is something that ought to be encouraged in every girl and woman, the sad truth is that our country is still far from safe for women to set off on their own and explore. The good news is that, by equipping themselves with a few hacks, women can enjoy solo traveling with less hassle and stay safe.

  • Research – Research is the key tool in solo traveling, especially for women. Before planning any solo travel, carry out a detailed research about your destination. It is good for the solo woman travelers to know about the local people, and important locations like police stations or the embassy. The GPS on your smartphone should be your best friend when traveling alone.
  • Mingle with Caution – Don’t trust people too quickly on your solo travel trip. When you are traveling alone, you are bound to meet different people and get interesting experiences. Sometimes, these people turn into lifelong friends, but at other times, you might be in for an unpleasant experience too. Try not to be dependent on any stranger while you are on your own.
  • Choose the accommodation carefully – While conducting a research about your destination, also try to find out detailed information regarding the facilities provided. Take the help of various online review sites and choose a stay with good safety standards. Ask for a room on the first or second floor and near the elevators. As far as possible, make your reservations before you start traveling.
  • Learn to defend yourself – In most of the cities, the police department offers a self-defense class. Try to encourage your employer to sponsor a defense class at your workplace. If you are not interested in physical practices, educate yourself on personal safety devices.
  • Drink within limits – While it is ok to have a drink or two when you travel with your friends, be cautious about getting too drunk. Too much of alcohol can loosen up your caution and land you in a vulnerable position. Try to drink in moderation and always be aware of your surroundings. Do not accept the drinks offered by the strangers. If you feel uncomfortable at a bar, contact the security guards immediately.

Traveling alone is a great way to discover about yourself and it also increases your knowledge about various tourist destinations. Staying smart and alert while you travel solo can ensure that your experience doesn’t turn sour. Do not let the fear to pull you back. Go ahead and enjoy your solo travel.

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