UV camera reveals, what your mirror hides!

March 23, 2018 |  Trending, Skincare Tips, Sun Protection

UV camera reveals, what your mirror hides!

Sun damage is real. We spend a lot of time in the Sun, and without the necessary precautions, every second wreaks havoc on our skin. The problem is we can’t see it. Watching this video might change the way you look at the Sun.

This video created by British-American photographer and writer Thomas Leveritt shows the damage caused by the Sun. Leveritt’s UV camera fitted with filters that allow UV rays to pass through reveal spots and freckles that you might never see in a mirror.

After this shocker, Leveritt asked people to apply sunscreen and check again. The sunscreen appeared completely black. This is because a sunscreen absorbs UV radiation and stops the damaging rays to get to your skin. It is an armoured jacket for your skin. This video highlights the difference a sunscreen can make. You should always wear a sunscreen and should be as generous with it as possible.

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