Ways to Keep Your Cool With People You Want To Punch In Face

October 31, 2018 |  Lifestyle

Ways to Keep Your Cool With People You Want To Punch In Face

When you dislike an individual you often experience an urge to shout on him or punch right into his face. Strong hatred feelings towards somebody can make you want to harm him in any possible way. But, the reality is if you punch somebody, you will find yourself into more trouble. It won’t solve any matter but would just haunt you in the form of guilt, a legal complaint or a bad reputation. A check on emotions in such a situation can save you from so much harm.

Disliking somebody isn’t wrong but reacting weirdly while around them should be avoided. You may not be able to change your feelings for that person but you can always decide how to speak or act in their presence.

Here are some ways in which you can keep your cool with people you want to punch in face:

  • Leave The Area: If possible leave the area, or may be that scene to avoid reacting to the annoying individual and ending up disturbing your peace of mind. You can always say excuse me, I have to attend a call or go to washroom.
  • Stay Calm: Remember, never do anything that could be regretful later. Even if you can’t resist yourself from punching the other person because of his irritating deeds or actions, try keeping your cool. Calmness is the key to handle such situation. Start counting 1 to 10 immediately, as by doing this you will get some time to think, and relax your accelerated heartbeat.
  • Breathe: Breathe in, breathe out! It works, it really does. Start breathing slowly and steadily, this will lower your blood pressure, and drop you into a quite calmer zone.
  • Speak to yourself positively: Positivity can make you win any situation. It has the power to save you from so many unwelcomed scenarios. When you badly want to punch someone in face, start repeating a helpful mantra like, ‘I can control my actions’. By doing this you will be able to reframe your negative thoughts towards that individual in a quite positive way.
  • Distract Yourself: You may not stop disliking somebody, but you can at least distract yourself when that individual is around and your urge to punch him is irresistible.
  • Remind yourself It isn’t worth it: At least you can tell yourself that the annoying person doesn’t deserve your time and energy. Why waste your valuable things on somebody whom you dislike so much.
  • Don’t harm yourself: Remind yourself that punching any individual no matter how annoying he is, will only harm you. You could even face a legal complaint.
  • Feel Sorry for them: When you get into a situation wherein you have to spend time with individual whom you can’t stand even for a moment, don’t get mad at him, and instead feel sorry for him.
  • Laugh: Laughter is indeed the best medicine. No matter what the situation is, laugh out loud and you will feel relaxed. All your anger, sadness, and irritation will disappear.

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