What Do your Lines and Wrinkles Tell About you

December 29, 2017 |  Skincare Tips, Mature Skincare

What Do your Lines and Wrinkles Tell About you?

The lines on your forehead not only predict your future but could also indicate potential health concerns. If eyes are the windows to the soul then your face is a clear glimpse into your body’s health condition. Not surprisingly, the signs of stress, poor nutrition and fatigue start to first appear on your face. Don’t dismiss the lines on your face as merely beauty issues and listen to your body’s signals. We, at Epique Blog, decode what your fine lines and anti wrinkles cream are trying to tell you.

Lines on forehead

Signs of stress are usually first to appear on your forehead. Not surprisingly, these lines are often referred to as the “worry lines”. However, stress might not be the only reason causing them. These lines could also be an indicator of poor nutrition. Believe it or not, but a diet high on sugars and caffeinated drinks could not only add inches to your waistline but can also accelerate the appearance of wrinkles on your face. Surprised? Well there is a science behind it. Your skin comprises of proteins such as collagen and elastic which are responsible for maintaining the suppleness and elasticity of your skin. A diet rich in sugars could lead to accumulation of sugar in your bloodstream which attaches itself to the proteins of your skin to form harmful new molecules called Advanced Glaciation end products or Ages (they sure named it right). Higher your sugar intake more rapid the rate of glaciation and damage to the adjacent skin proteins. So next time you reach out to that harmless looking delicious bowl of dessert remember that it’s not just your weight goals but also your skin health which is at stake.

Crow’s feet

Who would have thought that those little criss-cross lines around the corner of your eyes could actually have a name and that too such a funny one. Crow’s feet are usually called so as they resemble the print of a crow’s, well you guessed it- foot. While the skin around your eyes crinkles naturally every time you smile, deeper lines around the eyes could signify eye strain and poor eyesight. Crow’s feet could also be an indication of poor functioning of internal organs such as stomach, liver or kidney. Either way, the premature appearance of crow’s feet around your eyes should be reason enough to get yourself booked for a health check-up.

Neck lines

While the skin around the neck naturally tends to become thinner as we grow, premature appearance of deep horizontal lines around the neck could be a precursor to thyroid. The thyroid gland is located on the lower end of the front of the neck and is responsible for regulating metabolism, growth, and maturation of the human body. Zinc deficiency is another cause of formation of deep wrinkles around the neck. Prolonged exposure to the sun also damages the delicate skin around the neck, causing wrinkles. Thus, protecting your neck from sun exposure is as critical as your facial skin.

Mouth lines

Appearance of lines around the mouth is directly linked to colon malfunctioning. Colon absorbs vitamins and electrolytes for aiding digestion and eliminates wastes from the body. A well-functioning colon is critical for maintaining our overall health and wellness. Colon health could easily be maintained with regular exercise, consuming a diet rich in fiber and vitamin D and optimum intake of fluids.

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