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September 14, 2018 |  Skincare Tips, Mature Skincare

Why 30s Is Not The New 20s?

Birthdays are special. It is the day when you get all the attention, pampering, surprises and gifts. It is one day of the year that we all really look forward to. But, not really when it is the 30th birthday.

30s is a milestone in many ways. While things might be more stressful but they are not as uncertain. In the recent years, 30s has been turned into something totally out of a horror flick. It’s not that bad. It’s not bad at all. Worse than the fear of 30s is the ignorance of calling it the new 20s. While, the thought might sound interesting and tempting, it is light years away from the truth (pun intended).

30s is an important event as per your body clock. It is the time when your body has consumed most of its stored resources. It has new and higher nutritional needs. And, you need to have a disciplined regimen to fulfill the needs of your body and skin.

Take a good look at your skin and you will know why 30s is not the new 20s! To help you gain a better understanding, let’s take a look at what happens to your skin when you enter 30s.

What is happening to your skin?

As you join the 30s club, your body goes through many hormonal changes which are triggered and accelerated due to pregnancy, stress, lifestyle, sleep deprivation among other things. These hormonal changes make your skin loose its sheen and hence the skin looks duller.

Your skin renews and regenerates in 30 or more days as opposed to 20 days in your 20s. You may notice that your skin feels drier and you might also see fine lines around your eyes and mouth.

The melanocytes, or skin pigment producing cells decrease by 8-20% leaving skin uneven-toned. Decreasing melanin may weaken your skin’s ability to fight skin cancer.

Collagen and elastin get weaker. This is when wrinkles start to form as ‘expression’ lines. Pursing your lips when smoking can exaggerate these lines.

At this stage you may experience weight changes. You may notice formation of more cellulite, the fat stores underneath your skin. This happens due to hormonal changes caused by slowing blood and lymph circulation.

While this all may sound like bad news, it is more like a wake-up call. If you plan a skincare regimen best suited for your skin, you can keep all these problems at bay and can enjoy a healthy, radiating skin for years to come.

Beauty tips for 30s skin

The skincare products you used in your 20s might not be able to suit the new needs of your skin. It is advised that you build up a new skincare regimen as per the needs of your mature skin.

Opt for a rich moisturizer since your skin needs more hydration and a well-moisturized skin is better protected against wrinkles.

Add exfoliation to your skincare regimen. It will help you get rid of the skin-dulling dead skin. Be sure to restrict it to just once a week.

Your skin is most receptive during the night. Add a night cream to your skincare regimen. And make sure that you never sleep with your makeup on.

Stay away or limit the consumption of nicotine, caffeine and sugar.

Products to try:

Nearly all the changes your skin experiences through your 30s can be combatted with the right skincare regimen. All you need is a wisely planned skincare regimen. Discipline is equally important, if not more.

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