Why 30s skin care should be taken more seriously

December 08, 2017 |  Skincare Tips, Mature Skincare

Why 30s skin care should be taken more seriously?

30s can give you a sense of achievement in successfully managing various roles of your life. Keep in mind that it is also the beginning of challenges in terms of fitness, health and your skin’s nutrition needs.

Why 30s is like a wake-up call?

  • While your inner system starts to slow down, you might find yourself struggling to strike a balance between a demanding career, children and household. It is the beginning of more stressful times which will only worsen the skin quality.
  • It is the beginning of various age-related hormonal changes. It is better to be prepared for these changes beforehand.
  • The changes in your skin are new and light in your 30s which makes it the best time to arrest them before they start to deepen as you move towards 40s.
  • The internal skin needs and depleting nutrients can be nourished properly in the early stages for more natural and long-lasting results.
  • As the damage to your skin is lesser compared to the higher age groups, the supplementation needs are also less. This can bring down the drastic measures of chemical therapies that you might end up using later.

Good choices today. Great results tomorrow.

Habits can last a lifetime, hence the sooner you get into a disciplined lifestyle and skincare routine, the longer you would be able to enjoy the results.

  • Regular moisturizing will not only reduce the dryness of your skin but also the fine lines emerging at the delicate areas of your face.
  • Mature skincare creams will restore the suppleness and elasticity of your skin.
  • Eye creams will ensure no weary looks and puffiness.
  • Products enriched with natural ingredients will make your skin feel good for long.

Skincare products designed for 30s help you to minimize skin changes affecting your radiant and beautiful skin. Make sure to check out the mature skincare range from Epique. Formulated just for the needs of mature skin, these products are enriched with the goodness of active plant extracts.

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