A One step solution to gently clear all the grime without robbing your skin of its natural oils, lending a hydrating and smooth touch to your skin

Cleansers : Epique’s advanced extra mild alcohol free, Enriched with Vitamin E & Aloe Vera cleansing and makeup remover wipes.

About Cleansers

Your skin goes through multiple attacks in a day—whether it be pollution, sun, make up, grimes; create breathing problems for your skin. Your skin pores are clogged causing wrinkles, acne etc. Cleansers for face are very important for your daily skin care regimen. The cleansers for combination skin in India are very popular.

But then life happens; you are tired, stressed, lazy or on the go and it’s just not possible to do the whole soap-and-water routine. In this scenario, your best skincare friend is to use makeup remover wipes.

Grab wipes as make up remover for oily skin or make up remover for sensitive skin and done—no cleanser required.

When it comes to everyday makeup remover, simplicity is key and Epique’s alcohol free cleansing wipes and makeup remover skin wipes is the one step solution for you.
The alcohol free cleanser wipes are gentle and infused with calming ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vit E, thus mindful of sensitive and mature skin and creates a nourishing balance for a hydrated and soothed skin. These gentle cleansing wipes for face clears your skin of all dirt ,all kinds of makeup (long lasting liner, lipstick, foundation, shadow,….even water proof mascara), dirt, grimes and other pore cloggers with the great ease, without causing irritation, redness, stinging or burning sensation. It acts as a cleanser for oily skin and cleansers for sensitive skin as well as cleansers for dry skin.

They do not dry out your skin or rob it of its natural oils and leave no greasy residue. These are the best skin wipes for oily skin and make up remover wipes for oily skin.

It makes your skin feel cleansed, cool, refresh, moisturized and supple and is suitable for all skin types' especially mature skin care over 30s.