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HydraBright Peeling Gel 100gm Rs. 2,500

Experience the Power of 'Phyto-concentrates'

Epique’s Hydrabright Peeling Gel is a natural exfoliator infused with the 'Phyto-concentrates' (high-potency plant extracts) of Pure Coconut Fruit Oil & Turmeric Root. Especially developed for mature skin care, it uses a unique gommage action to exfoliate and leave the skin looking instantly softer, brighter and clearer.

Developed in Switzerland,this natural pathbreaking exfoliating peeling gel:

  • Enriched with unique molecules that exfoliate by adhering to old and dead skin cells, as well as impurities
  • Delivers deep exfoliation in just 2 minutes and helps catalyze the cell turnover cycle of mature skin
  • Provides deep cleansing without irritating the skin
  • Non-abrasive, micro bead free natural gel formula


Cocos Nucifera Fruit Oil

Cocos Nucifera Fruit Oil

  • Deeply hydrates and revitalizes the skin
  • Helps remove dead skin and clean out blocked pores without leaving the skin feel irritated
Piper Nigrum Fruit Extract

Turmeric Extract

  • Naturally dissolves the dead cells from skin surface, clear pores without leaving the skin feel irritated
  • Deeply revives and brightens the skin by bringing out its natural glow

Customer Diaries

Parul Mehra


I used scrubs with microbeads to exfoliate my skin for a very long time, but a few months back I tried Epique Hydrabright Peeling Gel and I am hooked! Unlike the microbeads in a physical exfoliant/scrub, the Epique peeling gel is super natural, made of coconut & turmeric extracts that penetrate the skin and removes all the dirt and dead skin. One of the biggest reasons I love this is because it is so gentle, yet effective at exfoliating my skin.

Neha Hariharan

Film Editor

Since I have acne-prone, sensitive skin a physical exfoliant is just too abrasive for my taste. I use it once a week to make sure there is no dead skin or product buildup on my skin. Truly works like magic as there are no harsh microbeads or irritating, gritty granules. What’s also wonderful is that this Peeling gel is alcohol-free and natural, so a great product for those of you who have dry, sensitive or irritated skin. I saw a visible difference after the very first use and my dull skin feels brighter, smooth and hydrated.

Pooja Mehra

Corporate Finance

It has never agitated my skin, even on days where I have active breakouts. I personally love to use this peeling gel on days when I need my skincare to absorb better and my makeup to sit better on the skin. Simply love it.

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