From Plant to Product

nature's secret to eternal beauty

Nature's Secret to Eternal Beauty on Epique

Epique’s scientifically formulated skin care range has been made to cater to the special needs of mature skin.

Infused with Phyto-Concentrates - powerful concentrated plant molecular extract that are created using precision technology, and developed by scientists at EpiqueLabs, this skin care range  reverses skin damage naturally by enhancing mature skin’s ability to heal, regenerate and restore its beauty from within. 

Epique is proof that beauty is not a number.


Observation from Plant to Product on Epique

Nature’s secret. Nurtured by Epique. 

Nature has long held the secret of beauty. Epique’s Swiss experts have travelled the world over in their quest for plant based extracts, studying traditional plant usage, identifying plants and herbs for mature skincare. Then with scientific precision taking the best out of the most active plant extracts to create Phyto-Concentrates - specially suited for mature skin - that renew, revitalize and regenerate its luminous beauty.


plant extracted beauty products

The relevant plant, the relevant part, the relevant molecule 

Scientists at EpiqueLabs identify and analyse plants that will offer the optimal combination of plant ingredients, then select the most relevant part of the  plant where the highest concentration of powerful plant molecules lie, whether, in the stem root or leaf, and finally using high end precision technology , isolate and extract the relevant molecule in its most potent concentration, for creating a formula that is the most beneficial to the skin.


Epique Formulation for Skin Care Products

Our commitment to exceptional skin care translates to extensive research. The result, a perfect formulation which will rejuvenate mature skin. Bridging the gap between science and nature, Epique scientists make sure that plant properties are examined and analysed over and over, and our specialized experts mix the ingredients (molecules from different plants) in a proportion that provides highest concentration and efficacy, without compromising product stability or ease of application. What you get is a product that boosts the performance of all natural skin functions, ultimately helping the skin to re-energise and defend itself.
Developed and manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with the highest quality standards, Epique’s skincare range has been put through stringent clinical trials in Europe by our scientists. Epique’s skincare range has been tested for Indian conditions and skin, with particular care taken to ensure that the Phyto-Concentrates offer a natural shield to damaging environmental factors like UV rays and pollution on mature skin.


Epique Production for Skin Care

Swiss Perfection at its best 

EpiqueLabs at Switzerland conforms not only to the highest international quality standards but also to stringent Swiss quality benchmarks. Whether it is the meticulous production process or packaging, we make sure only the best reaches our customers.