Intensive Revitalising Eye Formula - Description

  • EpiqueLab’s clinically tested high impact formula for eye care deeply penetrates at an intra-cellular level to dramatically diminish the appearance of fine lines, dark circles under eyes, wrinkles and puffiness of eye bags as well as prevent further damage.
  • The nourishing eye care cream has Phyto-Concentrate complex, which contains concentrated plant molecular energies of pure Boswellia Serrata resin and Centella Asiatica leaf that significantly help stimulate microcirculation, reduce fineness of skin, hyper-pigmentation and reduces dark circles. These plant energies help the skin stay agelessly beautiful by restoring the elasticity, tone, brightness and reduces dark circles under the eyes.
  • Its gentle effective formula does not irritate the area around the eye, making it suitable for even those with sensitive skin.