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Mature Skin Care

Mature Skin Care

At any time, the well being of your skin is important, and good skin care starts with protecting the skin from avoidable damage, particularly sun damage, and establishing a daily routine matching the skin type. However, with time, there is a marked decline in the levels of various hormones and growth factors. Cell damage has accumulated in many tissues; the skin is one of the most affected. As a result, the rate at which the skin renews and repairs itself becomes much slower.

Mature skin women experience particularly dramatic hormonal changes because they either approach or undergo the menopause, which causes a dramatic decline in the hormones produced by the ovaries: estrogens and progesterone. The loss of these hormones causes a decline in the synthesis of collagen, elastin and other components of skin matrix, reduces the production of sebum (skin oil) and thus leads to skin thinning, dryness and other negative changes.

Another challenge with mature skin is excessive inflammation. While usually not visible to the naked eye, inflammation related to mature skin manifests in higher levels inflammatory mediators (cytokines, prostaglandins and others) and abnormal activity of certain immune system cells. Inflammation increases the production of harmful free radicals and leads to increased cell damage, degradation of skin matrix and other problems.

All of the above results in a number of visible changes:

  • Thickening and drying up of the outer layer of the epidermis (stratum corneum) leading to a dull, parched appearance.
  • Thinning and weakening of the skin’s middle layer (dermis), which is the layer responsible for the skin’s strength, firmness and resilience. This leads to the accelerated development of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Progression and deepening of motion wrinkles and creases. Motion wrinkles are those developing in the area where facial movements result in skin folding. Weakened dermis cannot cope with continuous folding of the skin, which leads to a rapid deepening of motion wrinkles.
  • Development of uneven pigmentation, discolorations, broken capillaries, redness and other blemishes associated with mature skin.
  • Loss of subcutaneous fat and slackening of facial muscles, both of which contribute to a tired, haggard look and facial sag.

While these effects remains inevitable, one does not have to passively accept all those negative changes in one’s appearance. Regular use of Epique’s Phyto-Concentrates infused formulations can reverse some of these problems, while others can be kept under control or slowed down.

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