About Moisturizers

When you look in the mirror, do you feel that your skin is dull and lifeless? Be it due to hormonal changes, sun, pollution, weather change, unhealthy lifestyle or your inability to choose the right moisturizer for face. Your skin collagen and elastin levels decrease robbing your face of definition, hydration and firmness. By your mid-30s, your moisture barrier is weakened . After your mid- 30s, the skin becomes very sensitive and skin moisturizer becomes an integral part of your skin care regimen. Finding a good moisturizer for sensitive skin is a tedious task. The moisturizer should act as a hydration pack for skin while keeping the skin naturally healthy. Now, you can naturally restore collagen and elastin production with Epique’s range of moisturizers, acting as hydrating cream for face.

Epique offers state-of the art moisturizers for mature skincare (for woman over 30) essential for a great skincare routine as it targets multiple skin concerns and signs of mature skin. We offer Phyto-Concentrates, which comprise the purest and most concentrated form of plant molecular extracts that are obtained using highly advanced extraction technology. This makes them more potent than simple herbal extracts.

The Phyto-Concentrates works at the intracellular level to correct prevent and repair the skin. They work to address various skincare concerns like uneven skin tone, lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, dark circles, crow’s feet, and puffiness around the eyes. They act as hydration cream for dry skin as well as oily skin.

Epique Moisturizing cream range got you covered 24X7 and consists of:

Epique’s Advanced UV protection system - UV Protection Phyto-Concentrate natural sunscreen formula is moisturizer with SPF. It provides long lasting broad spectrum 50 SPF (UVA+UVB) protection for mature skincare, leaving your skin moisturized and nourished. Forget suntan, time to get sun kissed with glee.

Epique’s Sculpting and Firming Cream - Multi-action sculpting and firming cream with firming and tightening Phyto-Concentrate formula that sculpts around the fragile neck area, cheeks and jaw line leaving the skin feel lifted, firmer, tighter and more resilient. A true sculpting superstar!

Epique’s intensive Luminescence Cream - Intensive Luminescence Phyto-Concentrate formula is integral for reducing dark spots, visibly corrects skin dullness, wrinkles and uneven skin tone as the hydration cream contains molecular extracts of pure Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root and Green Coffee Bean. They instantly illuminate the skin and prevent the formation of future dark spots, hyperpigmentation and other skin discolorations. Lush luminescence. Perfect way to look fresh with just a simple touch!

Epique’s Advanced Balancing Day Cream - The unique, lightweight, skin balancing day Phyto-Concentrate formula visibly reduces excess oil, decongests and tightens pores, minimizes appearance of blemishes and re-balances skin barrier for a smoother and fresher appearance as it is best moisturizer for oily skin. Balancing right. The best hydration cream for oily skin that lets your skin breathe.

Epique’s Active Regeneration Day Cream - Active Regenerating Day Cream which has an ultra-light-weight Phyto-Concentrate day formula improves skin elasticity and firmness, reduces lines and wrinkles and smoothes unevenness of skin tone and texture, delivering antioxidant protection from the harmful effects of pollution, stress and environmental damage. It leaves your skin looking good and feeling hydrated. A cream that promises to bring out your inner radiance while or transiting through the day.

Epique’s Intensive Regeneration Night cream - The skin strengthening, super-nourishing and restorative Phyto-Concentrate night formula penetrates deeply and replenishes the skin’s moisture and nutrients to promote nightly recovery, improves skin elasticity ,reduces lines and wrinkles and makes the skin feel restored, revitalized and radiant. Night beauty. A little something to surrender yourself to.

This best range of moisturizer for face in India is ideal for mature skin care over 30s, suitable as moisturizer for dry skin as well as moisturizer for oily skin. Go on, ladies. Indulge yourself with some quick-fix in-house pampering done by your own two hands.