About Sun Care

I love sunshine but a sunscreen is a MUST 365 days a year—rain or shine, sun protection continues. A sunscreen not only acts as a sun care cream but also as an anti UV damage cream and can also be called as UV damage skin treatment.

Skin is invaluable but the harmful rays of sun attack your precious skin every day. No matter what your skin type, it gets adversely affected due to the sun. You need to fight against the harmful effects of the sun and protect your skin by enveloping it with a luxurious, hydrating and protecting sunscreen for face and which also works as a sunscreen for dark spots on face.

Just as it is very difficult to find the right sunscreen for light skin, it is laborious to find the right sunscreen for dark skin. The key to find the right sunscreen for dark skin is to have a sun care cream high protection that won’t leave your skin looking like you took a swim in liquid flour.

While sunscreen with a SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 20 can work for normal skin, Sunscreen for sensitive skin must have SPF 50.

Whether it is a cloudy day, you walking, driving or sitting by a window—all can result in sun damage which is the number one cause of changes in skin. You wouldn’t want to let the sun stopping you!!!

You don’t have to be a damsel in distress for your knight in shining armor to come — The Epique’s Advanced UV protection cream is here as sunscreen for daily use. Just put it on and step out in the skin with protection and nourishment.

We offer Phyto-Concentrates, which comprise the purest and most concentrated form of plant molecular extracts of pure Boswellia Serrata Resin, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root and Coleus Forskohlin Root that are obtained using highly advanced extraction technology. This makes them more potent than simple herbal extracts.

Epique’s advanced UV Protection sun cream SPF50 acts as a photo barrier and offers a high level of broad spectrum sun protection from skin damaging UVA rays UVB rays responsible for tanning and skin damage, thus minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, restoring firmness and elasticity by protecting the skin against collagen damage, enhancing the natural skin tone and radiance.

The light weight moisturizing formula quickly absorbs into the skin and does not leave a white residue, allowing the UV protection cream to be used as sunscreen for dry skin as well as sunscreen for oily skin. Please remember that the sunscreen is always the final step in the skincare routine

Discover the sun cream and protect your skin in the sunshine.

This is the best sunscreen in India which is ideal for mature skin care over 30s.